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I have only had my new SM6 wedges for about 6 months and have already damaged the 54 degree on it's leading edge. I think this must have been stones in bunkers or on bare lies. What is the best method of repairing them please?

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Google: Club Restoration and you will see a bunch of companies that do it.

    I had a similar experience to you when I played desert golf for the first time and had to chip my ball back in play form the desert! My 58 now has a plethora of permanent marks from the rocks.
  2. Barry S

    As far as I know, you cannot repair stone chips or gouges, but if you can, would like to know how they do it.
  3. David A

    Enjoy the marks, it adds character! LOL. This is precisely why I keep an old wedge in my bag. Most of the courses I play are littered with rocks. My new SM6's dont touch those bunkers. I don't have the luxury of soft, rockless traps like the pros/expensive country club guys get. I have no fear of the rocks or damage to my clubs while using an old wedge.
  4. Joe D

    I would call vokey and ask what your options are.
  5. BSpanding

    I feel with you MBedwell. It's always hurting to get the first scratches and marks in new clubs :-(

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