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Limited edition Brushed Copper Finish wedges

david s

Hi, A local pro shop has a few of these to sell, I'm thinking of picking up one of these to game, has anyone used one for a few months, I'm interested to learn how the copper finish performs and wears?

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  1. Brad B

    These are awesome wedges. Picked up a 56 little over a month ago. The face practically looks the same as it did when it was new. The sole has wore and it is a brighter color now. It looks like brass or a gold color right in the middle of the sole. I was a little worried of how it would wear also, but am so pleased that I picked up a 60 degree yesterday to match.
  2. SSwindells

    Hi All
    I am looking to get a set of the limited copper wedges ... does anybody know any retailer that still has some for sale
  3. JCrowder-Barton

    Can you tell me where I can get one?

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