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Should I bend 54K TVD to 52* or 56*?


In the process of moving from a 48/54/60 wedge setup to 47/52/56/60, it occurs to me that it would be counterproductive to replace my 54K since it has a black finish and S400 shaft. Since I got the K grind for bunker play, the obvious choice would be to bend it to 56* then get an SM6 52F. However, I'm concerned how a 54K at 56* would look at address since head shapes are different for each loft.

On the other hand, a 54K bent to 52* would play like a 52F, and then I could get a 56S.


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  1. Todd S

    I have played with a 54 sm5 M bent to 52 for 3 years now. It works fine. Just rember every deg of loft you add or remove it changes the bounce the same.
  2. Gary D

    If you increase the loft, you're also increasing the bounce on the sole of the club. Decreasing the loft decreases the bounce. Its a consideration when deciding which to do. A sand wedge with increased bounce may play noticeably different than the original, skipping through the sand and causing thin hits. A sand wedge with decreased bounce may dig in more than you want causing fat hits.

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