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Just got fitted last week for wedges, unbelievable experience! Never thought it would make a difference! Boy was I wrong. Go get fitted and take your game to the next level

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  1. JBrester

    I can't wait going to get fitted for wedges in the coming month.
  2. Edward K

    Absolutely. Your swing determines the bounce you need. I'm a picker, low bounce.
  3. John M

    I've gotten fitted by Titleist for my irons, driver and fairway woods. Best decision in golf I've ever made. I use Vokey SM5's and the groves still look sharp. Probably go for a fitting (if they have one in the Bay Area) this fall for the new wedges.
  4. Rich T

    A wedge fitting is on the to do list for 2018. Great to hear you had good results! What was the process like? What was the final recommendation to you?
  5. Chuck O

    Talked to my local fitter (Mike B.) this morning. He is as ready to get me fitted for new SM7 wedges as I am. Hurry spring!

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