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SM7 Wow

Roger K

Has anyone tried the new SM7s? :-) OK, a little late to the party, just replaced my gap with a SM7 52.08F and gamed it for the first time yesterday. What a difference.

Full shots, half shots, green side...bring it on. I'll be sure to not be a slow adopter next time.

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  1. Angelo F

    I too was late to the party. I have a 54 M Grind and a 60 S Grind and I know what you mean! The biggest difference for me was how much more aggressive I can be around the greens when I'm chipping. So much more control than my previous TM-TP wedges.
  2. Edward K

    The 7's are amazing! Wedges are the only clubs I swap out every series. Unbelievable around the greens.

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