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Open Championship Putter Cover


Did anyone get a chance to see this head cover yet? Was anyone lucky enough to get one through club cameron? Unfortunately I wasn't by my computer when they went for sale. I guess off to ebay - but not willing to pay those prices just yet!

Love the take on Abbey Road by Mr. Cameron

Can't wait for Thursday to start!

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11 Replies

  1. Samuel C

    That's a sweet headcover!!!

    Thanks for sharing. I didn't even realize they made them open to the public.
  2. Tyler H

    I picked one up. One of the best ones from the recent releases.
  3. Chris B

    nice headcover.....that one is going to make some cash for folks on Ebay.
  4. Robert C

    What do the sides look like? Thanks
  5. Rob_Roth1

    Here are the other pictures

    Now if I can just find a circle t 1.5 for a decent price I know which head cover I am going to get!
    Post Image
    Post Image
  6. TMiller

    Great tribute and well done as always by the SC crew. I was unable to snag one, as I've been on the looking for the Open headcovers Titleist released for this weekend.
  7. Scott D

    Wow!! What a great head cover! I have to find one!
  8. Will K

    That looks amazing. Congrats to the Scotty Cameron team on yet another classic head cover!!!!
  9. Adam E

    Hey Rob_Roth - that's a great cover where did you find it?
  10. Rob_Roth1

    that was available for people who are apart of club cameron:

    I used to be a member but I wasn't impressed with prior years stuff but he has hit a home run this year with both the US open and Open Championship head covers!

    There are bunch on ebay but you're not going to get them at what they sold for!
  11. Paul C

    I think this is one of the best covers they have done, will be keeping a look out for if/when they become a bit more reasonably priced on the after sales market.

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