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A great start to the weekend! Jackpot Johnny head cover

Jonathan L

So I've been tempted for a whole to get a Scotty Cameron head cover for my hybrid or wood and I eventually treat myself to a Jackpot Johnny hybrid head cover a few days ago and today when I arrived home from work it was there! I absolutely love it. That along with watching the PGA this evening is an ideal start to the weekend.

I can already feel the temptation to get another Scotty head cover soon ...

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  1. Chuck Z

    Nice combination. Your JJ head cover fits right in.
  2. David A

    Very nice! I picked up the complete set of these Scotty headcovers when he released them earlier in the year. I've gotten lots of compliments on them. One piece of advice however...change them out if there is a chance of rain, they do not hold up well when they get wet.
  3. Scott D

    Nice, love Jackpot Johnny. Hopefully it helps you to fleece some of your golfing group and hit the jackpot!

    That is one awesome head cover.
  5. DAWG

    Awesome cover.
  6. John K

    That is awesome! Makes me want one!
  7. David M

    Great head cover!
  8. Bruce S

    Congrats on your first Cameron wood cover, now you'll probably want more. I have Scotty shadow driver and wood cover in Tiffany, hybrid cover's in Orange and Black.
  9. Tom C

    great looking set up!
  10. Brian D

    Looking good Jonathan, fits right in with the other custom Titleist cover
  11. Chris92009

    Congrats! Looks great!!
  12. Rob_Roth1

    that is one sweet headcover! Now you need to work on your driver and I assume 3 wood head cover game.
  13. Rob R

    The head cover fits right in with the rest of the bag.
  14. Jonathan L

    Thanks everyone! And thanks for the advice David A .. I didn't think they would go well in the rain which doesn't help since I live in the UK!!

    I'm already planning on upgrading the driver and 3 wood cover ... Watch this space
  15. Tom C

    what Driver and 3 wood cover are you after?
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