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Halloween head cover 2017?

Patrick B

Will there be a Scotty Cameron Halloween putter head cover this year (2017)? Hope I haven't missed it. Thanks.

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    Not yet - are you apart of club cameron? As he will send out an email prior to launch.
  2. 19hole

    It is a bit early for tat release, probably the Tuesday before Halloween.
  3. Todd T

    Its an annual event cover, should be out in a few weeks!
  4. Scott L

    Good call, about to join club cameron.
  5. Chris92009

    I agree...will know more shortly since it comes out towards end of the month!
  6. BK

    Covers this year have been pretty great
    I'm sure this won't disappoint
  7. Sean Mac

    Pretty Badass if you ask me!!!!
  8. Patrick B

    Yes, looks great. But sold out as of now. I got email at 11:34am EST and by 12:20 when I had opportunity to go to the website it was showing sold out. I have the two previous Halloween covers and was looking forward to adding to my collection. But if this is the way it works I will not be renewing my Scotty Cameron membership. If they aren't going to make enough for each club member to get one then the membership is a rip-off.
  9. Kathy J

    I guess I need to join the Scotty Cameron club. I have a dual balance - will be a large mallet h
    Halloween head cover be made.
  10. Kathy J

    I agree with Patrick on this issue. If there are left overs they should be made available non club members.

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