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Has anyone received their 2018 Club Cameron Kit?

Greg L

Has anyone received their 2018 Club Cameron kit yet? I ordered one, and it feels like months ago; but, checked the status today, and its only been about 3 weeks...

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  1. Guy O

    I have not received mine yet either. I reupped the first day they were available. Reading posts on the Cameron collectors forum, there is no rhyme or reason how they are being shipped. They are also not sending the customary email notification of order being shipped. You just get a surprise when FedEx knocks at your door with your kit! Patience is a virtue...I guess!
  2. Joshua B

    Same here...but it does get me excited every time I get home...that slow drive around the corner hoping a large box with that 7 point crown waiting. I'll miss that when it comes. I also seem to notice that West Coast is getting them sooner than us East Coast people.
  3. Chris92009

    I have not received mine as of yet...I ordered on the first day they were announced in January.
  4. Rob R

    I did just receive my Club Cameron kit. It is well worth the wait. I put a few clubs in the Sunday bag for when I head to the dome to hit a few balls after work.
  5. KKuhl

    I sent an email asking when mine might ship. I ordered on 1/3/18. The return email said the kits were on back order and expect delivery in 8-10 weeks.
  6. David A

    I renewed my membership on the first day it was available. I just received my kit this past Saturday. However, I never got a shipping email. It just showed up. P.S- someone has to be home to sign for it. When I log into my Scotty account online my order is still listed as “in progress.” Kinda weird. The bag this year is nice. I’ll get some use out of it for when I wanna just take a couple of clubs to the driving range or putting green to get some practice in. For walking 18 holes, I still would prefer my deluxe cart bag and clicgear cart.
  7. AntCatt

    I ordered mine on the 3rd of January and it arrived on Wednesday, well worth the wait
  8. Joseph C

    Still patiently waiting for mine to arrive.
  9. Sean R

    Likewise, ordered first day available but no sign or update, yet others in UK have already received it.
    The order update really needs using so we can ensure we can track the FedEx delivery. Poor.
  10. marvin f

    Ordered mine on Jan. 3.....still waiting....will be a nice treat when it arrives...
  11. Todd T

    Mine came in two weeks ago and its the coolest release from Scotty!

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