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My Pro V1 - Now Available in Canada

We are pleased to announce that the My Pro V1 program is now available in Canada! Custom Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls delivered to your doorstep in...


SM7 Titleist Thursdays

Hi all, Now that the SM7s have officially been released, are there any imminent plans for Titleist Thursdays? I'm...


What did Santa bring?

I didn’t really need anything as I already have my Titleist setup, but somehow Santa knew that I might need some balls. He...


Indoor simulator

-40windchillin’ in QcCity... About golf simulators and screens; Do you ? Purpose train/play ? How many hours/month...


Happy Holidays

Would just like to take the opportunity to wish everyone and their families on Team Titleist a very Happy and safe Holiday...


Winter Golf Getaway!

Now that many of the golf courses across Canada have shut down for the season, it's time to start thinking about winter...



Recently Titleist threw a contest for the American side for headcover or Toque ( I forget which) and Mitch here also threw a...

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