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Accessories US vs UK


It seems that there is a much larger range of caps etc. available to the US market than from our suppliers here - even colours are more limited here.

Is this just based on target audience sales numbers or are the US and UK suppliers different?



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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Duncan,

    We look at our headwear range based on the needs of our market and the feedback we have from retail partners is that we have the number of stock keeping units (SKUs), or lines, about right.

    That said, for 2013 our headwear range will expand somewhat. We will offer a second SKU for the Tour Sports Mesh which will feature four new 'fashion' colours (Red / Blue / Lime / Orange). We will also split the ball marker cap into two SKUs meaning there will be 20 colour options available in that cap next year. There's also a new Ladies Pink Ribbon cap and Junior Sports Mesh option.

    We continue to review the demand for Titleist headwear and give due consideration to the introduction of additional SKUs, and I will certainly pass on your comments to the product development team.

  2. Gdunc


    It's possible that it's the new range for 2013 which I was viewing on the .com site. Looking forward to the 2013 range with the arrival of the 913s and new accessories!



  3. Gdunc

    Hi Neil,

    Do you know when the 2013 range of bags etc. will be available in golf shops?



  4. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Duncan,

    It will be next January.


  5. Alan T

    Will yous be bring out a fitted hat without the mesh at the back like the ones the pro's wear on tour a like the look of them thanks Alan 

  6. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Alan,

    We will be continuing with the Sports Mesh as our fitted option next year in Europe - with a few more colourways and size variations.


  7. Barry K


    will this include the Titleist Bucket & Aussie hats?

    What about the Vokey Grips (Golf Pride Multicompound Grips) as shown on page 23 of the USA 2012 Accessories Catalog?

    On page 113 of Gold Monthly they show the Titliest Dri-Hood towel, which up to now was only available in the USA. I checked with my regular golf shop and was told it will only be available till February 2013.

    The information (not to mention missing prices) on the new 913 series has not been the best. 913F/Fd and 913H won´t be available till February 2013?

    best regards


  8. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Barry,

    There are no Aussie or Bucket hats planned for next year, as we haven't really seen significant demand for them - although there is a waterproof bucket hat in the FJ range.

    The Vokey grips are available, with a surcharge, on custom SM4 orders - or you can have them returned to us for re-gripping.

    The Dri-hood Towel will be in stores from January 2013.

    Could you give some more detail in terms of the information on 913 not being the best? The pricing is set by the retailers, so we cannot publish those prices. Fittings at our National Fitting Centres for 913 fairways and hybrids begins on 14 January and the "in-store" date is 8 February.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Barry K

    Good afternoon Neil, many thanks for your reply. as with a lot of Titleist fans, I will get someone to buy Bucket Hat for me in USA. I asked my golf store if they could get the Vokey Grips for me and was informed that they were not available in Europe. I don´t understand the different signals. Concerning info on 913. Via the website and golf mags we were led to believe that the 913 series would be available from 01 November. Now we know that this only applied to the Drivers. All Titleist websites show pricing, with the exception of the 913 series, which has nothing to do with the Retailers. best regards Barry 

  10. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Barry - apologies re: the grips, I was given some duff information. The Vokey grips should be available from December 1 for custom orders and for returns for re-gripping - we currently have a very limited supply in stock for WedgeWorks repairs.

    You are right about SRP being on the site for other categories, but this rarely bares much resemblance to retail pricing in the UK, which is the preserve of retailers. I am, however, looking into whether we can update the web pages to include it.

    We have tried to be very clear on our sites, when talking about the 913 series, that the 913 drivers would launch w/c 5 November and that 913 fairways and hybrids would follow in February. Similarly, when we briefed all of the European media in August, this was the information that they received (and, looking at the media coverage reports, how they reported it - with the exception of one trade magazine).

    Best regards

  11. Michael H


    I think I have done the same mistake, I have been looking at the .com site and looking the at some stuff for next year and thought it was a large collection. Then I tried again, looked on the site and the stuff was missing. Went back to .com site and everything there. Would people/customers be able to order stuff for over here. I know I might sound a snob, but I insist on everything been Titleist etc. 

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  12. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Michael,

    The only way to purchase those items that are not in the UK / Europe line of accessories would be to order them via a US retailer.


  13. Michael H


    Thanks again, no sign of them coming to the UK then? Is it something Titleist do every year? Ie certain items only for U.S and then some from the range for the U.K?



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