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913 Shafts.

brad c

Hi Guys,

I was wondering which driver shaft u would recommend if i have a swing speed  of around 90 mp/h

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Brad,

    I'll jump in first here - we would always recommend going to get custom fit by your pro, your nearest Titleist SureFit account or at a Titleist National Fitting Centre.

    Swing speed is just one of many elements that will impact how you launch the ball and the flight that you will achieve. A proper custom fitting will start with your current driver as a benchmark, before recommending head and shaft combinations that will improve on your current launch angle, strike efficiency, distribution and distance.

    I hope that this helps.

  2. brad c

    Hi Neil,

    I am planning on going to Carton House in March, I was just wondering if you had any recommendations

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Brad,

    Great to hear that you are going to Carton House, I know that Mark, our fitter, will look after you well.

    It really is impossible to fit someone or make recommendations without seeing them swing - and I would encourage you to go to the fitting with an open mind, rather than a pre-conceived idea of which shaft, or shafts, you want to try.

    Mark will review your existing equipment with you and then make some recommendations based on watching you swing the club - he will look at your angle of attack, how you launch the ball, what shot shape you normally get, the trajectory and the ball speed (amongst other things).

    If you haven't been custom fit before, I am certain you will see the benefits.

    Best regards



       Neil, as i am not living near to a custom fit center or in the UK for that matter and will be traveling to Ghent in Belgium in july to visit my daughter ,can you help chose a driver shaft that would be close to the  PROFORCE V2 STIFF  9.5.,  which works very well for me.

    Thinking of an upgrade to the new model.

                                              Thanks in advance

                                                                  Thomas in BG


  5. Steven C

    Hi, I have just been fitted for the 913 D3 driver and have a swing speed of 92, having tried all shafts available I was advised to choose the diamana white in s flex which gave a great penetrating ball flight, the RIP venom was also very good but I hit it a little higher than the diamana. I used to play a proforce shaft and the diamana white is the closest to it as it also is a little stiffer at the tip and has a lower kick point. Hope this helps.


  6. andrew s

    Hi, I too have a question regarding shafts.  I am 3 handicapper returning to the game after a couple of years out due to having a young family etc !.   I have currently a 905S with a stiff Grafalloy blue shaft.  I am looking to change the club for something newer.

    I have recently been fitted by Titleist with a 913 HD 18 deg with Diamana white 92gram shaft, it's amazing !

    The fitter told me that at 2000rpm (on his ball tracker) with my driver I was loosing distance ? He suggested going for a Diamana wgite 72gram stiff (swing speed is around 105mph).  I cannot afford or justify purchasing another 913 at this stage so i'm looking at older driver models.

    My question is this; should I go lighter in the shaft and a slightly stiffer flex or go heavy and swing it slower.  My desired flight is mid.

    I am trying a 907 with a 76g V2 shaft, although I find it more forgiving, the shaft feels soft and vibrates a little on impact. My 905 does not. Incidentally both drivers hit it the same distance with the 905 slightly lower flight.

    My mind is all over the place with this predicament, please can some one help me out!!


  7. Martin T

    I don't think you will gain much going to the 907. And if you don't use the 907 head, you will have to match up head and shaft again, 907 is considered a reasonably spinny head. The 909 might be a better bet still at reasonable money. 

    Nothing wrong with Graf Blue as a shaft. Some Tour pros still use it, a great stout lightweight shaft. Have you considered asking a pro if the shaft could be pulled and put into a newer head? 

  8. andrew s

    Thanks for your reply, I have already swapped the drivers, the 907 is now in the bag.  I was thinking of using this over the summer and then hopefully upgrading in the winter to either 910 or 913 with the whiteboard shaft thats in my 913hd. :-)

  9. andrew s

    The Golf bug has truly got to me and i've decided to upgrade my driver and 3 wood in the next few weeks!!!  913's all the way!.

    When I was fitted with the HD I had a quick go with a D3 with the D+ 72gram white shaft.  The titleist rep said the numbers I was getting were good (a low piercing flight) and that would be the shaft to with in the D3.

    My question is what is the main difference between the Diamana white 72gram and the blue 72gram shaft????  is it just the launch being a bit higher on the blue and will it feel similar to the white? 

    Also, what would be an ideal shaft for the 913 FD 13.5 I intend on getting at the same time? 

  10. Chris B

    Hi Andrew,

    Glad to hear you have the bug and are looking to get some new clubs.  The Diamana White shaft is a lower launching shaft and will also feel a little bit firmer.

    In terms of giving you a proper recommendation as to the right spec, I think it is important for you to visit your local Titleist fitter who will give you a fitting to determine the best club for your game.




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