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Josh B

hi titleist I was wondering where I could get a hat with a logo/badge on the front as im raising money for charity just like rorys but with a charity on front a titleist on the side please help

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Josh,

    I'm afraid that this isn't something that we offer outside of tour issue.

    Best regards

  2. Guy E

    Hi Neil,

    Only just found this forum but as a Titleist fan, I'm glad it's here and enthused to see you all reply.

    So question, why do Titleist limit some stuff to Tour only ? Surely your objective as a business is to make money and I struggle to understand that your CFO wouldn't want as much money as possible pouring in. Most of us want to wear what the guys we see on TV wear, so why isn't it readily available ?

    Another bugbear of mine is that some products are only available in the US - as an example, I love bucket hats in the summer and saw a really cool Titleist one on eBay (US) but by the time I bought the item and paid postage it was silly money for it. Why can't you offer these products to UK / Europe ? I actually emailed Titleist re. this hat and someone replied that market research had been done and the findings were that it would not sell. I disagree and know more than a few members of my home club that would love such an item as it's different from the standard baseball cap / visor.

    Cheers in advance, Guy

    P.S - this is a link for the kind of item I'm referring to :

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Guy,

    Not sure if your first point refers to 712u or not, but if it does, that is scheduled for release as a custom order only product from May this year.

    If your point relates to clothing, Titleist do not make any apparel - this is simply because our sister brand FootJoy produces high quality items of apparel and, from the research we have carried out, this is the preferred option for consumers. We do incorporate a Titleist logo on some clothing items for tour professionals and staff ambassadors, but this is simply to provide an association with the Titleist golf ball and equipment.

    Regarding bucket hats, this again is something which has been reviewed several times across Europe and been found to be a secondary consideration for most golfers to the Titleist caps that are currently in the line up. That is not to say that we will not consider it for future product lines and I will pass on your comments to the product team in Europe.

    Best regards

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