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Just a little wry smile from the guys at Titleist..!

Titleist Fan 39

Not the most impressive of starts for Rors in Abu Dhabi.  Always amazes me that the "draw" manages to put together the most attractive of pairings?

For me this was always going to be a difficult one for both Mcilroy and Woods, neither of them seem to feed of each other whenever they have been paired together, all the hype around their "friendship" seems to be detracting from what they are supposed to be doing, "competing against each other".

Always been a big fan of Rory's but really do think he will struggle this year with the change of kit, the demands that swoosh will make of him and his struggle to detach himself from "best buddy Tiger" and focus on beating the guy.

What we want is competitive rivalry, with the two of them in the last group on a Sunday not the first two out on a Thursday, missing cuts and failing to live up to expectations.

Interesting season ahead me thinks


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  1. Michael B

    I'm with you on this one Locky.

    Rory is a great player but he doesn't spark from Tiger. The only good thing about that pairing is as a spectator you could almost guarantee you can watch any other pairing on the golf course pretty much hassle free.

    One thing about the swoosh clubs though that seem to beat Titleist. You can really shape a ball, i.e. the second shot in the first round, never see Rory hit a viscous Snap Hook like that before. Ewwww.

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