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AP2 - Gotta Lower that ballflight...

Paul K

Hi ya, As an unashamed Titleist fan and scratch golfer, I'm totally in love with the AP2's feel and playability..... I do however find the ball flight goes really high, and much higher then other similar CB's....

What's the best way to bring that flight down?... New shafts or Lofts?... I currently play S300 or S400 and just seem to pop the short irons up in the air....

Any ideas as I really wanna get these to work...



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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Paul,

    I was just chatting earlier today with one of our fitters regarding lower launching shafts and it was his opinion that DG are amongst the lower launching ones.

    I spoke with him again about the quandary you face and he suggested that either de-lofting or trying Project X would be your best alternatives.

    I wasn't entirely clear if you already owned a set of AP2s or were considering buying. Either way, I would always recommend that you go to see your pro or nearest Titleist SureFit partner to discuss and work out the best options.

    Perhaps some other Team Titleist members have other perspectives?

    Hope this helps.

  2. brett c

    Hi Paul,

    i found the same thing with the ap2 irons when i got fitted for them, flew higher than my previous brand. I found my swing speed was too quick, (around 96mph) so i switched to dynamic gold x100 shafts from s300 when i placed my order. Still fly a tad higher than i would like but now am used to them its not really a problem. I have always generated a lot of spin and still do, only time i suffer is into the wind, just take an extra club now and hit it 85% to keep the spin off and stop it balloning. Very easy irons to hit and feel lovely. Have always played blades so thats prob why the flight was diff for me. Wouldnt let it put you off trying them again, maybe with stiffer shafts or having the s400 shafts hard stepped a bit to knock the spin down and hopefully lower the flight. Always find dynamic gold to be the lowest flying shfts for me. Hope that helps a little bit. Kind regards,


  3. Nikolas M

    Hi there,

    Paul just been fitted at the kings acre fitting centre in scotland for a set of CB irons which i received today, (amazing), previously had AP2 710's PX 5.5 and i had the same problem with ball flight being to high,they where ok in calm conditions but with the wind in to my face my 6 iron was only carrying 135 yards which i normally hit 185,speaking to Graeme at the fitting centre he advised that i come away from AP2's because i have a fast swing speed and they are designed to get the ball up in the air, i came away from the fitting with CB's 4-9 with a KBS c-taper x-stiff shaft which is designed for a low ball flight for a fast swing player,on hitting these today for the first time after the fitting i was amazed at the results on trackman,i was hitting these irons a lot longer and straighter than my AP2's some 10 to 15 yards,probably the best shafts i have tried, i would have a look at these shaft if considering changing.

    Any questions please ask.


  4. Paul K

    Hi ya, Thanks Neil... I currently own some Ap2's with DG S300 and some cally X-forged S400.... Although the AP2 seem a much better iron, the ball flight is much migher.... Will the changes bring it doen much or do I need to look at a different model in the Titleist range?.... Thanks PK
  5. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Paul,

    A couple of things stand out from your post - the S400 is a stronger shaft than the S300, so will promote a lower flight. Additionally, the other irons you reference, as standard, are a degree stronger than the AP2s, which will certainly lower launch / flight.

    Speaking to one of our fitters, lowering the loft on your AP2s will reduce spin and should, all things being equal, flatten the flight.

    In terms of other clubs in the Titleist range, the CBs will give a lower ball flight than AP2s, but I would try strengthening the loft first!

    Hope this helps.

  6. Paul K

    Thanks again for that..... I think I'll try stengthening them to start with then...?


  7. Gdunc

    I may be in the same boat after making some swing changes and have read on the US Team Titleist forum of fitters strengthening AP2 lofts and having great results. I have also heard a lot of good reports on the C Tapers suggesting that although they may peak at a similar high to the equivalent DG they have a stronger flight and play better in the wind. The only downside may be the difference in feel if you've used DG for a long time. C Tapers play strong for flex so S300 is around R+ or S soft stepped and are slightly lighter than DGs.

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