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Hi Titleist,

I have a friend who had been to the Fitting Center in San Diego. He told me that he tried the new 913Hybrid in even numbers = 18 and 20 degrees and there were two sizes on the club. The normal head and then a smaller one.

But I can only see the "normal" hybrid at your website in the 17, 19, and 21° and no Hybrid in even degrees.

Was it a special Hybrid he tried in San Diego, or is the website not updated yet?

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Chris,

    It sounds as though your friend may have tried the 913Hd, which is not due for release until May and will be in fitting centres from around the beginning of April.

    The Hd is a slightly more compact head and the lofts are even.

    Hope this helps.

  2. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Sorry Chris - I was given a bit of a wrong steer on timings! 913Hd will be mid-March launch and availability in fitting centres.

    Best regards

  3. Chris


    Nice thank you very much. So I can buy it in mid-March? I will try and wait so I can try it then.

  4. Paul F


    I have a fitting on the 21st March at Celtic Manor and was hoping to try the 913hd during the fit. Do you think they will be available to try by then?



  5. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Paul,

    The aim is to have them built, shipped and ready for fittings as of 18 March, so you should be fine on 21 March.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Stuart L

    Hi Neil, can I order 913 hd custom fit now from my local stockist & get it on the launch date . Stuart lunn 

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