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Mark K

Hi there after avidly looking through the American 2013 catalogue and then looking at the UK version i have to say im absolutely gutted that TB3CT5-016 Cart bag and TH3FCM-9 Khaki Cubic Mesh hat have been omitted!!! One question, WHY? Clearly there are many of us who prefer bags with the external putter holder for our Scotty Cameron and i dont see why the folks in the US get that option and we dont? Same with the range of hats! Surely Acushnet need to look into this as we are all in a small global world nowadays and the customer should be treated the same the world over.


Mark Kelly

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Mark,

    This is always a difficult one, as golfers have the ability to see both the European accessories line up and the US range. However, the differences in the accessories ranges come about based on market requirements.

    For example, cart bags in the US tend to be designed for use on golf buggies rather than trollies, as they are in the UK and Europe. The orientation and construction of the bag, its pockets and access is therefore different to accommodate how they are used.

    Feedback from the market has suggested that, whilst some golfers do like the external putter well, a higher number prefer for their putter to be inside the bag. But we continue to register opinions and preferences from Team Titleist members and I have passed on your comments to our product team in Europe.

    With regards to caps, the reality is that there is a much bigger "cap culture" in the US, so the market is much larger in volume terms and can therefore support more styles. We have added more colour options into our range this year and will continue to monitor feedback and requirements from each of our European markets to assess if we require further styles in future ranges.

    Hope this clarifies.

    Best regards

  2. Mark K

    Cheers for the reply... But can I still order from the US site?

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Mark,

    We don't sell directly to golfers, but there is nothing to stop you finding a retailer in the US that is prepared to ship those particular items to you.

    Best regards

  4. Lewis A

    Hi Neil

    Can we order the sports mesh caps through our Titleist Stockists now in the UK I am after Lime, Red and Orange? And if we can do u know when we will be able to get them.

    Thanks Lewis

  5. robert c

    Hi Lewis,

    I bought a couple of items from Golf Smith.There service was 1st Class.Just watch out for the extra taxes and postage.Its usually delivered by Fed X.



  6. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Lewis,

    They are in stock and available to order now. Your pro / retailer will purchase as a mixed dozen, so you may have to ask if he will reserve your preferred colours.


  7. Gary D

    I also wish for some of the US products to be made available in europe such as the Pom headcovers which I had to purchase from ebay along with the pom winter hat! delivery charges from the US are very high so I would love to be able to purchase from within europe....interested in some of the coloured fitted hats also such as the grey & blue one which cannot be purchased unless from the US.

  8. Mark K

    I agree! Clearly Titleist's marketing guys arent asking the right questions to the right people! Many i know now where caps when they never used to! Titleist really needs to listen to its customers on this one... or try a different marketing firm!

  9. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Gary and Mark,

    The Pom headcovers are be in the European accessories line this year - and will be in stock from April - and the beanie with the Pom will be back in the line from September.

    Re: hat colours - there are also coloured fitted hats in the 2013 European accessories line up (red, lime, orange and blue). There will always be a bigger selection of styles and colours in the US range, simply because there is a much larger "cap wearing culture" and the market can support more styles and colours. We have to work to meet the wider needs of the European market, whilst ensuring that the number of stock lines are appropriate to the size of the market.

    Hope this clarifies.

  10. St Helena Boy

    Hi Mark,

    I'm with you on this one. I to have seen the bag in question on

    I game a Scotty Cameron, Super Rat, 1.5 Weldy, 34"/360gsm with various Industrial and CT headcovers and the external putter well protects the putter especially the grip, shaft band and the headcover.

    I have remained loyal to the Titleist brand for many years but I am always forced to use another 'brand' cart bag. I would love to be using a Titleist bag.



  11. Titleist Fan 1527

    Hi, I would also prefer external putter holders on my cart bags, but please make them large enough to accommodate the large Super Stroke type handles that are now in use, and put a drain hole in the bottom of the tube. Also please can you make all european bags 100% waterproof with large side pockets. Our weather means that we are constantly playing in rain and a good waterproof bag helps keep all gear dry. I had to settle for a Sun Mountain H2NO bag when I upgraded recently and it was one of the few bags that claimed to be waterproof. ( It's not 100% by the way, but far better than any other bag i've had), but again it had no external putter well so I have to house my putter in a ball tube within one of the internal slots (I have a large super stroke handle on mine) and the tube allows easy withdrawal.

  12. Anthony H

    Hi Neil,

    Similar to Gary and Mark I would love to have the range and options available in the US catalogue. Previously asked about the 14 way lightweight stand bag TB3SXC14-0 (black) and you kindly fed back that the solid black was not available here. Since then I have asked in my local Titleist stockists if there is anyway one could be sourced but again this was to no avail. 

    I'd like to reiterate the points made above that genuine fans of the Titleist brand aren't being allowed to access the full range without having to pay over the odds to get the goods imported from elsewhere.

    Surely a global company like Titleist would have a facility to cater to the worldwide demand and following that the brand has?



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