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913f and 913h adapter changes and fitting processes


After a couple of years using 910 hybrids and fairways woods I have just upgraded to the 913s .

The new 913's look and feel great, however I have to ask  what on earth are Titleist up with the fairway and hybrid adapter changes and with regard to the over complicated after sales processes they are proposing in fitting adapters to shafts?

After spending what seemed ages finding the right shafts to suit my game in my previous 910 fairways I now find myself in the position where I am unable to use those shafts in the 913 heads. Like many players if my game takes a turn for the worst I like to make equipment tweeks and inter-changable shafts provide a tweek which often works, ....probably more physiologically than anything else!

I understand that the changes to the hosel and adapter arrangement may be for the best in terms of a lower CG, but surely Titleist could have designed and manufactured a new 913 hosel to fit the old adapter...

I am told by my club professional that I cannot buy the new 913 adapters as an after sales service from Titleist and whilst I do not want to buy an adapter manufactured by another supplier (I am told they may fit but may not provide adjustment) I feel that many club golfers will make this choice to avoid the complicated adapter fitting services Ttileist are currently proposing 

Titleist are asking that I send both head and my old shafts off to them to have a new 913 adapters fitted, whilst I dont begrudge paying for such a service why cant Titleist do this without the head... the 910 and 913 heads are the same weight so swing weight adjustment should not be an issue.

Why should I make do without my lovely new 913f for two weeks when the local pro could make the necessary adapter change in a matter of a couple of hours?

The purpose of having the "surefit" system is to enable a player to interchange shafts and to make adjustments to suit playing conditions or gaming problems which every decent player suffers with from time to time. You have to say Titleist UK are making the adapter and shaft  changes far too complicated a process. Many good club players who like to tinker with or interchange shafts to suit their game will be put off by the latest adapter changes and unecessary difficult adapter fitting processes now introduced.

I say Titleist should sell the adapters and 913 surefit system to allow the flexibility and choice for players to intetrchange shafts easily and without the need to return clubs.

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your post and the points you raise. I will try to provide some additional perspective on the situation below:

    - The decision to change the SureFit Tour hosel from 910F/H to 913F/H was made purely on the basis of designing a better golf club. The development of the new SFT hosel was critical to an enhanced CG position and improved performance in 913F/H. 

    - Understanding that there are 910 players with a custom shaft who would like to interchange with a 913 head, we have made a re-coupling service available. 

    - We undertake the re-coupling process as this ensures our quality and performance standards are met, swingweights are set-up correctly and customer warranties are not invalidated. If we were to release SureFit Tour couplings into the market, we could not assure golfers that they have been fitted in the correct manner or at the precise angle tolerances that the SureFit Tour system delivers.

    - A further reason for this is that a third party could purchase large volumes of couplings and begin selling shafts that are not on our approved list. Worst case, shafts that are not genuine (counterfeit) could also be installed using genuine Titleist couplings. Golfers could see performance and/or quality issues arising from this situation.

    - The re-coupling service that we have set up is aimed at making the process as thorough and easy-to-use as possible. The return of all components (head and shafts) means that we can also ensure that the club is properly swingweighted for the different shaft that is being fitted. Without doing this, there is a risk that the club will feel and even perform differently than intended.

    I hope that this sheds some further light on the situation and reassures you that we have taken this approach to ensure that the golfer gets the best performing product possible in their bag.
    Kind regards

    Hi Neil

    Thanks for your swift response.

    I absolutely understand the need to improve the CG and performance, from what I have heard the 913's do perform and feel better than the 910's, in fact I cant wait to try mine on the course.....

    I guess what you are trying to enforce is anyone tinkering with Titleist products, and that if they do want to customers have to come back to you.

    Whilst I appreciate that it may be important that Titleist maintain quality and standards of their products you must appreciate that many golfers will want to tinker with clubs and interchange shafts that are purchased "after sales", shafts that are for example "pured" and are oftern of higher quality as technologies advance.

    Just one last question and I promise to leave you alone....Can I utilise the re coupling service if I want to recouple a shaft not purchased through Titleist ?

    Many thanks


  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Mike,

    With regards to coupling / re-coupling a shaft that has been purchased elsewhere, it is not something we would do, simply because we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the supply chain.



    Thanks Neil

    If i am understanding you correctly any shaft which is not supplied by Titliest cannot be fitted into a Titleist club?


  5. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Mike,

    Essentially, yes. We will not undertake the addition of a coupling to a shaft that we have not supplied as we cannot verify the source.

    Best regards

  6. Steve W

    I am in a similar position, wanting to compare the performance of shafts used in my previous hybrids (not Titleist) with those provided.  The issue is further complicated by the fact that the shafts are not on Titleist approved list....

    All of my clubs are built by a trusted Fitter, who has accounts with most, if not all OEM's.

    Surely, it would provide a far greater degree of customer satisfaction if Titleist were to allow authorised Fitters to provide a service allowing greater flexibility with choice of shaft?

    Adjustments could then be made without the club(s) having to be returned and would ensure that only quality products would be used, ensuring the integrity of the Brand...

    A similar situation exists with the "removable" weights in Scotty Cameron putters.  I simply don't understand why it is made so hard to get adjustments made.

    The situation as it is seems to be fuelling a lucrative e-bay market of "imitation" products anyway, so surely the provision of genuine products as an after-sales service would reduce/eliminate this market and provide those of us who wish to tinker, the qulaity products we require!



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