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AP2 712

david k

Guys,  looking a bit of advice, looking at getting fitted for a set of irons AP2  712, swing speed is 96mph with 6 iron.  i was recommended DG X100 shafts.  

these are quite strong but fitter reckons my swing speed is suited, average distance with 6 iron 180-185 yds.

any thoughts?

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi David,

    I'll jump in here - but hope some other members may have a perspective on this - I think you need to go into the fitting with as open a mind on optimum set-up as possible. Your fitter will work through the options with you and you will know what is right from the flight that you produce with the different shaft / head combinations.

    Best regards

  2. bidjan n

    Hi guys sorry to but in i have a set of ap2 712 irons with no serl number any were are they fake!

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Bidjan,

    Only custom built clubs have serial numbers - i.e. those that have a different shaft from stock, have had loft / lie adjustments or different grips. A stock set of irons will not bear a serial number on the hosel or ferrule.


  4. Eric J

    Hi David, its looks like we have very similar swing speeds so I will tell you what i got fitted for. My old set of irons were mp 62s with DG x100. They were good but got fitted last year for titleist irons. Went with AP2 irons with KBS C taper x flex. Dispersion tighter with this shaft and could have went with either CB or AP2 head. Eventually decided on AP2 head as more forgiving but slightly higher ball flight. Love the AP2s and the more i use them the better they get.

  5. collyB

    Hi david,

    I have the exact same stats and i got nippon stiff shafts and they are perfect for me.

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