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Titleist 913D2 Help

Gary D

Hi, I have been hitting and loving my 910D2 with a regular made for Diamana Ilima shaft for the last year and a half and usually carry / hit about 250 to 280 roughly. I had a nice high penetrating flight but with the 913 out and being the titleist addict I am I bought one from a friends friend on the cheap thinking I could just put the head on and a way I go, but I am struggling to get the ball up in the air now the way I did with 910 even with the same shaft I used in 910...I used most draw setting on 910 which is A2 I believe. Should I be changing the surefit neck at all to try get more launch? I want the 913 to work but I am on the verge of going back to my 910 head! I tried the diamana s+ blue shaft which although good I prefer the ilima surprisingly...i am not losing much yardage I just feel I could gain more with better launch / carry

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Gary,

    The stock answer in these situations is always to recommend a fitting or at least a conversation with your PGA pro / nearest SureFit partner. However, you can try two SureFit Tour hosel adjustments - the first would be to switch from A2 to D3 and to look at the impact. If you still feel that you are not getting the desired launch, you could try A3. 

    Each of these adjustments is adding 0.75 deg of loft and will open the club face very slightly, but the improved launch and flight should still give you the desired distance.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Gary D

    Thanks for the quick reply...I will certainly try this next I am at the range, Thanks!

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