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Scotty Cameron Headcover


Hi All, 

Just looking for some advice regarding this 2012 Mardi Gras head cover. 

The top photo being from the website and the second being one sold on gumtree. 

Some differences I noticed which made me think twice were the all purple diamond stitching instead of both purple and orange. Also, the gap between the scotty milled putters logo and the jester seems so much further apart in the one being sold? 

I didn't really think you could get fake covers but Scotty's limited mardi gras limiteds don't have different styles? 

What do you all think? Should I buy or not?! 


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  1. Tom C

    I would stay away from that one, especially on gumtree. There are so many fake Cameron headcovers out there, every one is being faked, even one we had made for a small Cameron event in Spain last year has been faked by the guys in china and sold on their sites. I would also say that 90% of the tour covers for sale in the uk eBay are fake! You really need to know your stuff and compare all covers to the pictures on like you have done.

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