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vokey wedges

Barry W

Hi, Neil

I play on a course with very tight lies what combination of 60 and 58 degree wedges would be best for this type of course?

regards Barry.

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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Barry,

    To be honest, the specifications and set up of your wedges should be based on several other considerations before you look at the type of course you play on.

    The first would be how you deliver the club back to the ball - your swing plane, angle of attack, etc. This would help determine whether you are, in the words of Bob Vokey, a "digger" or a "slider". A digger would tend to take a larger divot, typically resulting from a steeper angle of attack. A slider would tend to "pick" the ball from the turf, not really taking a divot (or certainly a very small divot), typically resulting from a shallower attack. This will determine what bounce option works best for you - with diggers benefiting from more bounce and sliders from less.

    For the majority of golfers, again as Bob Vokey says, "bounce is your friend".

    The second consideration would then be which gaps you need to fill in your set. When working with your club fitter, you should be looking at what the highest lofted club in your set of irons is and the gaps in yardages that you need to fill with your Vokey Design wedges.

    As part of that whole "consultation", it is at this point that you might discuss the type of course that you play most of your golf on, to see if this affects the recommendation.

    Sorry for the long answer Barry, but the best thing to do would be to go and see your PGA pro, nearest SureFit account or authorised Titleist stockist and go through a fitting. Your short game is where you will save most strokes in your game, so it is worth investing some time in getting the correct set-up.

    Hope this helps.

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