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913 Hd custom order

jonathan w


When can I place a custom order for a 913 hd hybrid ? Have asked at my pro's shop and he originally said mid march ?? 



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  1. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Jonathan,

    You can place a custom order now - 913Hd is an in-line product.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Boogie

    hi Neil

    sorry to hijack this thread but I don't know how to start my own discussion?..
    (please feel free to move my comments to a relevant/new thread)

    I recently purchased my 913hd 23degree with KBS shaft S after a fitting.

    I am happy with my purchase but I offer a few observations of disappointment:

    1)The headcover I got with it is for the 913H and does not say 913HD.the accompanying tag also only has options to display 24/21/19/17 degrees in the window whereas my club is as stated :23 degrees.
    a small oversight but very surprising and disappointing that Titleist didn't seemingly design to the smallest detail(small details are what makes things perfect or just adequate!)

    2)During the fitting I was recommended KBS hybrid Stiff shaft in 120gram shaft weight, but on arrival I had the KBS Tour S.
    It has been explained to me this IS the correct shaft but I am not so sure and require an official explanation please.
    is there a hybrid shaft or is the KBS Tour(S) the correct one?

    3)I have never hit a club so straight as I have with this one. penetrating ball flight and nice soft landing(esp with the 2013 prov1x!)

    OVERALL an amazing club.


    PS what does "in-line product" mean please?

  3. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager


    The reason that there is no specific 913Hd headcover is that it is an extension to the 913H range and, as you know, only available as a custom order. Because of that, it is forecast in lower numbers and the cost of creating a separate headcover would likely add to the cost (a little unnecessarily).

    Regarding the shaft, we only have one KBS hybrid shaft and that is the KBS Tour - this is different to the KBS Tour iron shaft, as the hybrid shaft is stepless to accommodate the fact that it is parallel tipped. Therefore, if you were fit for a stiff KBS shaft during your hybrid fitting, you would undoubtedly have used the KBS Tour S.

    Finally, "in-line" means that it is a current product.

    Hope this clarifies.

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