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AP2 Gap Wedge vs Vokey

David B

I'm about to buy a set of custom-fit AP2s. I currently have 52*, 56* and 60* wedges, which I will be replacing at the same time.

I see that an AP2 51* wedge (7* bounce) is available. What are the advantages of buying this instead of a Vokey wedge of the same loft? 

Many thanks


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  1. Tom W

    Last year I switched to an AP2 GW from a Vokey.  Mainly because of chipping around the greens.  The Vokey would check up to quick and I was leaving too many chips short.  The AP2 releases much better and is easier to control the distance.  I also hit it 10-15 yards farther.  I'm guessing that this is mainly due to the reduced spin vs the Vokey 52 8* that I was previously using.

    Hope this helps!


  2. David B


    I see what you mean - that's very helpful, thanks.


  3. David B


    I've gone ahead and ordered the gap wedge - thanks for your advice!


  4. Tom W

    Glad to help!  Enjoy the golf season


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