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Advice needed.

Sean M

I recently saw a video of my swing and I was shocked at how low my hands were and also how hunched over I was. I have tried to rectify this by standing a bit closer to the ball and trying to stand taller but I still seem to be very hunched over. I do not know what to do at this point because surely if I try to stand any closer to the ball this will just result in a series of shanks?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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  1. Christopher V

    Hi Sean,

    First off, if you are playing well then don't change a thing....if its not broke, don't fix it.  However, if you're not playing to your potential then there are a few things I would look at:

    1.  If you are a taller individual and playing with standard length shafts, you may need the club bent upright or have the length of your shaft extended.

    2.  Practice and video....get a lesson and continuously practice good habits.  What I like to do sometimes is watch YouTube videos of pros I think have some of the best swings and then learn from them ( how they position their hands, where the ball is played in their stance, tempo etc..). Always video yourself so you can find and correct your mistakes quickly.

    3.  Practice, practice and practice!

  2. MR.B D

    Hi, no real idea if you'll read this as it's sometime since you asked the question (you maybe have even fixed your problem), but I'm a newbie who registered today. (My credentials, experience to offer a view on this are for some years now my handicap has moved forwards & backwards from scratch to 2, currently towards the end of this season I'm back down to 1.)

    This may have something to do with it, people I've seen with this posture problem have had one of 2 things and sometimes both together as a problem.

    The first thing I would look at is where you are getting the 'bend' in your posture from:

    In my experience a hunched stance often occurs because of a bend from the waist (at belt or above belt level) but it should come from the pelvis where the legs meet the hips, find that hip leg joint by placing a club across that area and you should feel where that forward lean of the torso should come from. 

    In doing this you should find you'll be able to keep your back straight with the 'bend' coming from the hip sockets and not the waist.

    Also it can be combined with overflexed, too bent, knees and a too upright a stance with no bend from the hip socket area so you employ a slight bend from the waist this tends to lead to your arms tending to 'round' your shoulders making the hunched position worse and too much flex in the knees in trying to compensate for the 'hunched' feeling.

    The key is in my view, find the hip sockets to 'bend' from, push your rear end backwards and have your knees just a little relaxed, legs not straight but just flexed a little, definitely not too much 'give' in your knees.

    Then in this position with your back reasonable straight just let your arms hang vertically from the shoulders, in this position when you hold a club in your address position you should see your hands slightly outside your toe line and therefore not too 'low' and too near your thighs.

    To get the feeling of a straighter back in a golf posture hold a Driver (only because it's the longest club so it's easier to do) the shaft right against your spine, use your right hand at the top of the club left hand at the bottom and make sure the shaft touches you back from the base of your spine to your top of your shoulders (not your neck) this will let you feel how your back should feel when you stand in your posture at address, forward lean from the hip sockets, bottom pushed back as if you're about to sit on a bar stool, knees slightly flexed.


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