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i currently have a 21 degree 913H in the bag and hit it 175 on the carry and i have a 3 wood which i hit 205 on the carry i need something to go in between that but not sure whether to go with the 17 degree or the 19 degree 913H. Could you recommend one please.


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  1. Tony H

    I'm sure someone would come on with some other advice, but I got fitted for driver, 3 wood and hybrids and ended up with 21 ad 17 deg hybrids...pretty similar distances (I hit my 21 to around 200) and the 17 just fills the gap between that and the three wood, the great thing is a basically NEVER hit the three wood off the deck anymore as the 17deg is good for about 215 and is so much better to shape and control. Highly recommend getting one!

  2. Tony H

    Hi Loz....i'm sure someone will come on shortly and advise but I wanted to share my experience!

    I got fitted for driver through to hybrids and at the moment am playing a 21 deg and 17 deg 913H....pretty similar in distances (I hit the 21 deg around 200 yds) and the 17 deg I can hit around the 215 mark so it's perfect for the par 5's!! the other great thing I find is that it much easier to hit and control than a three wood off the deck, I hardly ever hit my 3 wood of the deck anymore as I find the hybrids so much better to hit into the greens.

    Depending on what your distances are like and what you're looking to get out of it a 17 degree will likely be the prefect club to fill the gap! hope this helps.


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