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913H Adjustment

Steve W

I bought two 913H clubs yesterday, a 24 and a 27.  The intention was to set the 24 to 23.25 and the 27 to 28.5.

However, on both clubs the adjustment screw appeared to be stiff.  I managed to change the 27, but the screw will not re-tighten on the 24.  I don't want to force tightening it and ruining the adapter, so I'm currently left with a club I can't use.

My son has a 910 F & H, both of which we have adjusted with absolutely no problem.

What would you suggest is the isuue and how can it be resolved - particularly as I now have a week off and really need to have the clubs as I'm playing competitions...



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  1. David LM

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the post and please accept my apologies for the delay. We would ask that you take your club back to the shop where your purchased it from and ask them to initiate a warranty inspection. Our team will handle it from there and do our best to expedite the return.


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