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Titleist fitted driver

Darren K

I have the new 913D2 driver with a custom fitted YS-6+ regular shaft. I am now looking to purchase the fairway wood as well but I am not sure whether I need to get the same shaft spec for the Fairway wood as well or whether I would be ok to just take an off the shelf shaft from the shop? I have asked at American Golf and Direct Golf and got two difference answers so a bit confused and don't want to spend £179 and end up with a shaft that does not suit me. Any feedback would be a great help, thanks. 

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  1. Ollie S

    Hi Darren

    if the flight conditions and launch from your driver are at least close to what you want as an ideal then go with the similar spec shaft if you want similar attributes from your fairway metal.

    I would ask the pros at your club for their opinion and I'm sure it will be easy to order any set up you like through your club

    hope this helps


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