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When is the 712U Available in the UK

David B

Hi was wondering when the 712U be available in the UK. What lofts can you buy and which shaft options will be available?




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  1. Tom C



    They are available now, I  have had one for a couple of weeks!


    All the info you need is here......



  2. kevin b

    I bought one in a golf shop in Perth in Austalia. Got to say it's absolutely brilliant both straight and long. I got the 2

  3. Lewis S

    I have just ordered one through local pro and been told that I wont receive it until the middle of August due to shaft (S300 SL) and they don't have any lefty heads (2 Iron) in stock either just now.


  4. Chris B

    Hi Lewis,

    We are working very hard to get the lead time down on the 712 U.  These were originally designed for Tour only, but with such instant success from our players, we felt it was important to get it out to retail as soon as we could.  From our retail launch in mid May, we have experienced greater demand than even we could have anticipated, so this has caused the current delay.  We are working very hard with our suppliers to get these heads in sooner.  Please keep checking in with your local pro shop for updates.



  5. Gdunc

    Hi Chris,

    Good news that you guys are working behind the scenes to increase availability for the 'U' as I've never known what initially looks like an all out players club be so universally well liked. Most of the feedback is that they pay as (or even more) forgiving than their  AP2 equivalent iron with higher launch and strong trajectory.

    For those looking to order try phoning Titleist fitting account pro shops as i've heard of a few still on the shelves!

    I had TM irons many years ago which looked like blades but had an internal cavity and perimeter weighting - do you think that Titleist would consider stretching the 'U' design into mid irons to blend into MB short irons?

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