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Driver fitting 913 D

Darren O

Hi I recently had a Driver fitting on the 21st May 13, since getting my club I am disappointed with its performance, it has a Project X shaft 7C3, can you please tell me if there anymore fitting days in the Canterbury area in the near future as I would like to try another shaft as I am really struggling.

Many thanks



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  1. Matt W

    Hi Darren,

    I'm in the same-ish boat as you, i felt I was misfit for my 913. Though loving the look of the driver I could do nothing but drag it left off every tee. Felt the shaft was way too soft for me. Looked at what torque the shaft was in my last big bat and bought a similar one for my 913 off ebay. Its going better than it was before but not 100% happy with it. Would love to go somewhere else to try out some other shafts as wouldn't go back to where I was custom fit, but would feel a bit of a top hat going somewhere else with the bat to try get sort a new shaft. That custom fit has left me feel completely underwhelmed with the whole process.


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