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New 2013 Pro V1X/ProV1

Neil A

I have played titleist balls for over 25years, and have recently tried the 2 new 2013 balls. I have to say that Im very dissapointed. The Prov1x feels and plays like a Pinnacle ! its hard as a brick with no feel and to be quite honest I cant tell whether ive hit the middle of the club or not. Around the green it lacks a soft feel, and stoppability is poor. Its only redeeming feature is that it comes of a scotty cameron putter blade quite nicely.Apart from that its all round performance is poor.

The ProV is slightly softer, but feels sloppyand unresponsive. Its poor compared to its predessessor

Both balls covers have been toughened up sacrificing feel and touch against durability. I'm sorry titleist but Ill be looking for an alternative for the first time in 2 years, and by the looks at all the sales offers youve been giving a lot of people feel the same. Ill be interested to hear your comments



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  1. Seve212

    I play off 5 and there are only very subtle differences to the pro V1x this year. Spin on short irons is similar to previous models however on drives the spin is lower - based on trackman info. Cannot understand why you would think the balls had changed so much, either you are a pro on the European tour or a golfer who has had a bad round and wants to blame something else!

    Why don't you try TM and enjoy the hype, you'll hit it 20 yards further, spin it more, shoot lower scores, using all white clubs and irons with speed slots etc,etc, and still have a 24 handicap!!!!!!!

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