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No serial on hosel..?


Hi - hoping to get some input from Titleist staff, recently brought a 913 Driver from an Authorised Titleist stockist, however there is no sticker on the shaft and no serial on the hosel.

The Titleist website gives some conflicting info with regards to this so I wanted to check here. I know you cannot check if genuine; but a description and reason would help satisfy me.

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  1. Cameron D

    Keep in mind that the serial # for the metal woods will not be on the hosel but on the sole of the club.  Also, note that if the club was originally a demo, then there will be no holographic sticker on the shaft.  If you happen to have a serial # on the sole of the club, please send that # to the email below.  We can check to see if it is in our database, but know this does not 100% authenticate the club.  You may also take the club to a local authorized Titleist retailer to compare it with an authentic Titleist product.



  2. steve c

    Hi Cameron,

    On the 913 D3 head should there be a serial number ?



  3. Cameron D


    There will be a serial # on all metal wood heads (on the sole near the heal).



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