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Lorne B


I half understand the concepts of D-plane. 

But can anyone explain how to use the D-plane theory to help shape shots? I.e. how to hit draws and fades using the D-plane theory.


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  1. Greg T

    Have you checked out the trackmanmaestro videos on youtube?

    Bluntly clubface angle determines where the ball will start, and face to path angle determines shape.

    Check out the vids...

  2. MR.B D


    It's all about the direction your club face is looking through impact; (This governs the initial direction your ball takes off on)

    The dynamic loft the club is presenting through impact;

    The swing path the club head is taking through impact;

    The angle of attack the club head is through impact; (iron descending, hybrid slightly descending, 3 metal ever so slightly descending to level through the ball. Driver off tee ascending path ideally somewhere around 4 degrees up)

    All these conditions in relation to your ball position in your stance, and the alignment of your stance; and all assumes you keep your posture through impact.

    And all relative to your target line and where the 'low' point is on your swing arc. {a swing arc that is on an inclined plane to your ground target line, this plane governed by the actual plane the particular club is built at}.

    The new data the now precise launch monitors provide show for instance when you hit a slight draw with a 6i, the club face is 4 to 6 degrees open to your target line, but the club head path in coming from the inside of that target line the same 4 to 6 degrees (ie. club face open to target line but square to club path) so it zeros out, with the low point of the arc being some 3 inches in front (target side) of the ball with the hands leading the descending club head through impact giving a forward leaning shaft of 6 degrees.


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