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Old Metal Woods

Grahame S


I wonder if anyone can help me.

Back in the 80's I was given a set of metal woods and the only identifications marks on them were on the top Titleist and underneath USA, with an Apollo AP44 r shaft. I believe the clubs were bought in the States

I damaged the driver years ago when first started playing, hitting a "molitor" golf ball over 300+ yards (I know it is hard to believe), but when I looked at the head of the driver, there was an imprint of the ball where it has split the face about the 3rd groove up and consequently left them in the garage.

It is only recently I dug them out and having dusted them down, I took the 3 wood for a" test drive" and hit the ball well, I then wondered what is the history on them. when they were made etc.

If anyone could enlighten me, I would be much appreciated.



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  1. Chris B

    Hi Grahame,

    Thanks for the question.  I will include a link below to our club archive which will hopefully help you to identify the club.  I believe from the info you have mentioned, this is the one you are talking about.





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