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Club Fitting 714 ap2's 712u St Ives

Ross P

Thanks to Paul at St Ives custom fir centre today, great custom fit session. Even though I didn't hit it great as working on a few things at the moment (as always :-) ) I'm confident I've got the right shaft based on the trackman results and array of shafts we tried. Also really surprised at how easy the 712u was to hit, ordering one as a different option off the tee. All in all great facility and fitting can't wait for the ap2's to arrive. Ross

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  1. Tony A

    Hi Ross

    What shafts did you settle with as I had my fitting for AP2's a week ago and got the best numbers with Nipon NS Pro 105T stiff flex standard length 1deg Up. Have just ordered them with My local pro. Also had my fitting with Paul as well was very impressed.


  2. Ross P

    Hi tony,   Kbs tour stiff, 2 deg up (helps me keep my posture up), half inch longer,   They were the clear best for me. Was really impressed at how Paul quickly narrowed down the options based on my swing to make sure I tested the most relevant 5 or 6 shafts for my swing.

    not long now until your new clubs arrive, good time of year to bed them in before next season.

    Did you try the 712u.


  3. Tony A

    Hi Ross

    I didn't try the 712u but would have liked to try it but then would have had the difficulty as to what club to leave out as  I carry a 19deg 913H.

  4. Ross P

    Hi tony

    how are the ap2's going??

    just got mine ordered.  What sort of lead time did you have?


  5. Tony A

    Hi Ross

    Received the clubs on Friday the 8th November, the Titleist release date. Was told on my fitting day on 8th October that I could not receive the clubs before the release date. But as I understand now you will receive within a few days. Love the clubs and feel of them and now totally understand why it pays to get fitted. The only disappointment I have had is with the British weather, don't think we can get fitted for that. Hope you get yours soon and rip it up. 


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