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913 D2 and 910 D2

patrick m

hi, a couple of years ago I bought the 910 d2 driver. I really like it, but having gotten stronger and bigger I need a stiffer shaft. But I was thinking of getting a new driver altogether, I was thinking about buying the new 913 driver. I was wondering if anyone who had the old 910 D2 purchased the new 913 D2 and what they thought of it compared to the old one. Thanks

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  1. Tony H

    Hi Patrick,

    i did exactly that - went from the 910D2 to a 913D3 massive difference in terms of consistency and extra distance. Shaft flex stayed in a stuff but there was a huge improvement. 

    As with all these things go and get it fitted - I went to Celtic manor- and they will be able to give the best options. 

    Good luck!


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