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Thinking of a set of ap2 off 18 hcp

mark s

Hi guys i have been playing golf for exactly 12 months now and have reduced my handicap from 28 to 18 over the summer, i am 35 years old and in my bag is a set of png g20 irons vokey 50,56 wedges, d2 913 driver and 913 hd 3 wood. I love hitting the wedges and since gaming with them my g20 iron feel to thick on the sole. Do you think the step to ap2 iron is ok off 18 hc. i consider myself a good iron striker.  i tried ap2 on trackman hit the straight but lower ball flight than g20 which is expected.  Any help would great

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  1. Chris B

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your post.  Greta to hear that you have reduced your handicap so much over the last year.  If you are a good ball striker, there is no doubt you could fit into the AP2s.  However, I would strongly recommend getting yourself fitted for your set of Titlist irons as it is so important to make sure you have the right spec for your game.  There are so many variables that can change what setup you have, and a proper fitting will ensure everything is correct.

    Hope this helps,


  2. lee r

    I got some ap2's a couple of years ago when I was playing off 16 h'cap,i'm now playing off 7.6 with ap2's albeit I got re'fit last year for different shafts as my swing has changed with having lessons. lovely feel off the clubface and when playing well they are class irons,playing not so well then they aren't as forgiving as the ap1's.

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