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Custom Fitted AP2

Arnis P


I am from germany and had a fitting for the new 714 ap2 in the netherlands and bought them. Great irons.

No I asked myself, if and how the swingweights are adjusted. Are there different heads with different weights?

I ordered them with the true temper dynamic gold s300 0.5" longer and 2° up.

Will this clubs be build in the UK?

kind regards,


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  1. Chris B

    Hi Arnis,

    Glad to hear you got fitted and have your set on order.  All of the custom clubs for Europe are built in the UK at our St. Ives office.

    We have a heavy head and a lightweight head to help get the swingweight exactly to tolerance depending on the shaft/length/grip combination.



  2. Arnis P

    Thanks for your fast reply.

    So the swingweight will be about D2 I guess.

    Can you give me some Information about the progress of my order, or how long it usually takes at the moment, untill custom orders will be ready??

    Kind regards,


  3. Chris B

    Hi Arnis,

    I can't say on your exact order right now, but we are working to a 2 day lead time at the minute, so as long as all of the components are in stock, you should have your set within a week.




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