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Test Balls

Ian B

Many thanks for the six test balls that I received about a month ago. I've tried both the red number & black number balls & found the red a slightly harder ball which goes further off the club face but still has good feel around the green. I've now played five rounds with the same red numbered ball with consistent scores below my handicap. Having only played one round with the black numbered ball I found this a softer ball with better feel around the green. I would personally use the red in the winter & the black in the summer.

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  1. Frank L

    What a great surprise to find 6 free golf balls in the post about a month ago. We haven't had great playing conditions here in the West Midlands but I have used both the red marked ball and the Black one, they both seemed to hold well on the green. The Black one seemed to fly well, unfortunately they don't float so I'm one down. I'm golfing in Spain in January so I will take them there and hopefully I'll get a better idea of their performance. I'll let you know Many thanks Frank Langley
  2. Jason N

    Andrew butler the head pro at Kingsdown golf club wiltshire, gave me a sleeve of 3 black numbered test balls to try. I have now played 4 rounds with them on a wet course with no run and temp between 3 and 7 degrees. I usually play the pro v1. I found these balls played long and very straight,with next to no deflection even in a 2-3 club wind . On average I am hitting them 10% further even in the cold wind. the have a soft feel when chipping and putting, which I like. I would guess they are NXT tour S balls . They are well suited to the winter conditions but I think I'll stick with the PRO V1 in the summer. Thanks to titleist for the chance to test a new product. Impressive play and feel from a mid range ball.

  3. Randy S

    I tried a black number test ball in the fall of 2013. they feel a little harder than the Velocity ball that I normally use.

    It was pretty good around the greens as well.

    Distance wise was hard to tell because the weather was cool and windy.

    They seemed to go a little longer and just as straight as the Velocity.

    I wasn't sent any red numbered balls so I don't know what they're like. 

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