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New Year Resolutions

Golf Hacker Extraordinaire

I hope all of Team Titleist had a wonderful Christmas! What New Year's Resolutions for Golf? I'm keeping mine simple - Go to the range at least once a month!

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  1. Don O

    Right now, with serious negative Celsius numbers daily with no end in sight, just praying for an early spring and a long summer. sigh
    Otherwise, spend enough time to dial in pitching and chipping distances for more from under the hole and under 10 feet first putts.
  2. richard f

    Mines try and play more golf itself
  3. Hannah M., Team Titleist UK

    Happy New Year to all!

    These are all great! For me, I am going to try and play in more competitions! I find it very easy in the summer to fit in the odd 18 holes and match play comps here and there but I really struggle with committing to entering competitions. This year my aim is to play at least 10! This may seem not many but with travelling a lot it will be quite a push for me. My second one is to get my handicap down to 2! Here's hoping!

    I'd be interested to know what everyone else's New Years Golf Resolutions are as well?

  4. Golf Hacker Extraordinaire

    I suspect competition golf will contribute to getting you down to a 2 Hannah. There is a distinct difference in my game between playing a social round with friends to playing in a competition...I seem to focus more in comps and as a result play better shots and make more saves!
  5. Simon B

    My aim is to get down to scratch (from 2) before my 50th birthday, which is only 15 months away!
    I have a plan to work on my weaknesses - hitting it closer with wedges from 130 yards and closer, better focus and game management principally.
    I’ll definitely be fitted for and invest in new irons before April too.
    Also entering as many comps as possible to give myself maximum opportunities to cut the handicap.

    Good luck for the new season everyone.
  6. JCrowder-Barton

    I'm planning on hitting the ball less often!
  7. chris M

    I am hoping to maintain my handicap of 7 after only dropping on the last week of the season from 9.

    My main resolution is to play more bounce games in the week after work
  8. AntD

    Play more and practice smarter. Enjoy the game even more #lovegolf
  9. Josh K

    Definitely looking to hit the range at least once a week, improve the dreaded short game and doing so hoping to drop my handicap from 6-5. Have a great new year guys!
  10. Philip G

    All about the short game this year. Less time on the range, more on chipping, putting and the odd bunker shot.
  11. James H

    My resolution is to play more, re-join a club and try to get to single figures - which may take some doing!!
    And hopefully attend some more TT events this year.
  12. drewster

    My resolutions are to finish 2018 with the same set up I start it with. I'm so happy with all my Titleist hardware and am determined to keep it that way !!! Currently sitting at 10.0 I intend to get down to single figures . I got to 9.4 for a week last Summer but a 0.1 in the next competition that my time as a SFG was short lived !!
  13. RHolmes

    My Aim is too get down too a handicap of "4" currently at 5.5. With the help of my new 718's and a bit more self belief, hopefully I will achieve this.
    I intend too play as much as possible this year mainly competitively!

    Hope you all have a great year, hopefully meet some more TT members Soon :)

  14. Gaaary

    I really need to work on my short game, I prefer playing rather than practice, so I try and get out to hit 2 balls if it's quiet on the course.
  15. Tom C

    I still need to get out and try the 718's. Depending on how that goes I may change my irons!

    I need to get out and play more golf this year!!
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