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SM6 Vokey Wedges

Paul C

I hope it's ok to put this up as somebody may find this beneficial :)

I played Hampton Court Palace golf course yesterday and while in the shop saw they currently had the SM6 Vokey wedges on sale at an amazing price. If you want to try get some new ones and can't wait for the SM7 range to be released they had a selection in there which were £65. Off the shelf only but if you don't need cusomisation then well worth a look as they are amazing (as I suspect most of you who pleay them already know).

Thought I'd share that incase anyone was in the market and wanted a steal.



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  1. Wayne C

    thats an amazing price didn't have any deals on the drivers did they, really need a driver to complete my titleist set up
  2. Paul C

    Didn't see any although the wedges were right by the counter which is why they caught my eye!! I'll give them a call and find out though for you.

    I'm after a driver too but want a fitting first with a Titleist fitter for that to makesure I get it bang on point for me.
  3. Paul C

    Hi Wayne, not managed to speak to them yet but went to my local driving range in Ascot Saturday and they've reduced the price of the Titleist D17 drivers to £289.99 which I thought was a good price.
    Worth looking about as they seem to be dropping for some reason although seems a little early to getting ready for the 919 range.
  4. Paul C

    Hi Wayne, laptop has had a mare - to confirm it is the 917 Driver which I'm sure you guessed but wanted to clarify :)
  5. Paul C

    Hi Wayne,

    Not sure whether you got your driver but I just picked up a 917D3 for £199. That's a new one as well not a used one.
    Best price I've found anywhere.
    Let me know if you want any more details.



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