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Titleist / Footjoy Matchplay


I've been intregued by the matchplay event since I found out about it last year but thought that the entry fee was biased towards the "free" balls you got upon entry. I received an email last week saying that a new pricing structure was introduced costing £28 per single and £48 per pair / betterball and jumped at the chance to enter.

Can't wait to see who I am paired against and play a (hopefully) new course.

Has anyone else entered this year for the first time or even from the Edinburgh area and may be my opponent?

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  1. RKelly

    Is this just UK based or is it in Ireland too? Can't find any info online but it was here last year I think.
  2. SAnderson

    I don't know about that, there was a Scotland regional final according to last years results but don't see anything about Ireland.
    The website is
  3. Jonathan L

    I've been intrigued by this as well but have never properly looked into it. Definitely something I want to enter next year!

    Good luck with it!
  4. Swav Gav

    Played in the last couple of years and is a really good event and format.

    Good luck!

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