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Vokey SM7 Raw finish

Jonathan L

Does anybody know if the Vokey SM7's are available in the UK with the Raw finished which you can custom order on the Vokey wedge works website?? I've spec'd a wedge and went to order from the US but it won't ship to the UK.

Any help?!?

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  1. Tom C

    They are. On the website there is a form that you can fill in for 'international orders'. Send it on to your local pro and they'll order them for you.

    I'm waiting on 4 Raw SM7's as we speak!
  2. Matt S

    Hi Jonathan

    Use this form and take to your Local Titleist Retailer

  3. Jonathan L

    Thanks Matt that's perfect!!!
  4. Simon B

    Hi Jonathan,

    Your club can order them through Titleist but they will come from the US and take several weeks.

    I ordered 4 and 3 of them arrived after 3 weeks; for reasons that haven’t been explained the other was delayed and finally 3 weeks later.

    Check the price before you order, I was an idiot and didn’t. Including stamping, additional shaft band, change of ferrule, they’ve come in at £195 per club. This includes a £25 mark up by my club which is very steep for just picking up the phone and making the order.

    I should have shopped around with other clubs / stores and in hindsight wouldn’t bother ordering from WedgeWorks again.

    Hope that helps.

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