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Golf bag question

sean b

Hey there team,

I am in the market for a new golf bag. I have needed one for a long time and already know what I am going to buy. It just made me curious on what everyone else uses as there gaming bag on the course.

What bag does everyone have...... 4, 5 or 14?

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  1. Barry B

    I just picked up a Player's 5 to replace my current stand bag, it's a really nice bag.
  2. Joe L

    I use the png cart bag I have ever had..
  3. Chris92009

    I have all three and they are somewhat different. I think I prefer the 5 way bag the best though....its nice to have my wedges in front. IMHO
  4. Don O

    14 fits my OCD, but the 5 is easier now that I carry and not push on a cart.
  5. Tyler H

    Players 4 for me. Personally, I prefer fewer slots.

  6. Ralph C

    Players 4. Light as a feather.
  7. Bruce S

    I have a 14 way stand bag and a Scotty Cameron 6 stand bag and love them both

    Just got the Deluxe Cart since I only use a cart for 18 holes. The cart bag also fits my cliq gear push cart for playing 9 holes. My OCD also requires 14 seperate slors for the clubs. Now all I need is a center hole for my alignment sticks.
  9. tdogg21

    My cart bag has a 14 way top. I like knowing each club has a place and I can quickly see if I forgot a club. But the 14 way top stand bags are a little on the heavy side. I'm looking for a new stand bag this spring and I'm debating between the 4 way and 5 way tops. I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks are the pros and cons for each.
  10. Jeremy H

    I have an s84 Titleist mid sized staff bag with 7 way top.(black, white and silver). Best bag I’ve ever had. Every mid sized staff bag Titleist has made since has had the 6-way and has red on it. Not a fan... need to buy a new bag but there is crap on the market.
  11. David K

    Sean, I have the Titleist 14-way standbag and it is my preference because it helps me keep my clubs better organized and in my opinion does a better job of protecting my shafts & grips.
  12. Clifford M

    I prefer the 5. Driver, 3 and putter in one. Hybrid, hybrid, hybrid in another. 5,6,7,8 iron in the third; 9, W in front, S,L in other front slot. Alignment sticks in with driver.
  13. Alan M

    For carrying (and not a pull cart) I would want the lightest bag. That would be the four.
  14. Bob P

    I just bought the Players 5 Stand Bag to replace a 5 slot. 14 is way too many for me and 4 is not enough. Even though I don't carry I like the stand bag and it's nice and light.
  15. Matt S

    Players 4, because I carry. This latest bag is the best they have made in a long time.
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