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Double Eagle

Jeremy W

I had my first Double Eagle on Saturday, I was playing Pro V1, it was on the first hole of Reese Golf Course in Lubbock, TX. I hit a driver, smoked it down the middle, I had 173 yards left with a tail wind. Pulled out my 9 iron, hit a good looking shot right at the pin, me and my partner were liking the shot, we couldn't believe when it went in. I had to squirrel my way around the course to keep it around par. I turned at -1 35 with one 3 putting. The back 9 was a little harder on me, couldn't get anything going. Last hole is a par 5, I was able to birdie it for a 74. Hope it's ok for me to share my wonderful story of Titleist Pro V1 here.

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10 Replies

  1. Cavin Poh

    Nicely played!!! Congrats!!!
  2. Hunter M

    Wow that's awesome, great way to start off the day huh? Congrats!
  3. Joshua B

    They say double eagle is harder than a hole in one... CONGRATS
  4. No'l

    Of course... it's very okay. Congrats on the double eagie! ...and you did it with the correct ball!
  5. TSchwartz

    Congrats on the double eagle!!!!!
  6. Chuck Z

    Nice double eagle. Rare shot. Congrats.....
  7. Dave N

    Sweet, congrats.
  8. Mike C

    Congratulations Jeremy, awesome accomplishment!!
  9. The Golf Father

    Congrats !!!!
  10. l

    I had a double eagle Saturday during a golf vacation with 20 guys with an awesome ProV-1. Any place to register it?

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