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Best ball for me


I am a high handicapped player and I’m using velocity balls which I find great but are they the best ball for me ? Cheers

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  1. Scott L

    If your a high handicap...I’d go cheaper. Last years dt solos are under twenty right now. Stock up on them, really can’t go wrong with any titleist ball. I’m a 20 handicap and I use dt’s all day.
  2. Dale V

    Best Titleist ball to play is the ProV1 but if you tend to loose a lot of them and price is a concern, the low-end option of DT-TruSoft is a great ball for the price. Doesn't have the spin and stopping power on the greens as the ProV1 but has very good distance for slower swing speeds.
  3. Barry B

    It could be. Another ball you might want to try is the DT TruSoft. It's softer feeling than the Velocity and will spin more on approach shots, but it's a very good all-around ball.
  4. greg p

    Velocity is a very good ball. Many people don't notice a difference
    But only you can decide whether it is best for you. Distance is going to be pretty much the same. How do you like it from 150 yds in? Do you notice a difference in spin around the green? How does it feel on putts?
    If you like it or cant perceive any difference in performance, you've got your ball.
  5. Nation

    I play the Velocity also, but only in scrambles, and only if we have a playable ball in the fairway, as I like the distance. Keep in mind for an amateur only one in five drives will be hit on the "screws". As Barry said the DT Tru Soft is a good distance ball, and great feel with the short game, and 10.00 less per dozen than the velocity. For the most part I play the NXT Tour, and I get the same distance as the velocity, and great feel around the greens, but it's a ball I'm accustomed to, and I don't get the same short game feel with the velocity. Go to a facility with club fitting, and ask to be " ball tested ". Good Luck
  6. Jack H

    If the Velocity is working, I would see no reason to switch. If you want to try something else though, the DT TruSoft is a terrific ball too. Hope you find a ball to drop your scores!

  7. RNeale

    Thanks Barry for the advice will give it a try
  8. RNeale

    Thanks Jack I hope my score drops too !
  9. RNeale

    Thanks Scott , Greg , Nation, Barry , Dale and Jack so much maybe I should buy a 3 pack of each and see how it goes ! Thank you all for your help
  10. chris M

    Prov1s dont come with a handicap certificate.

    They are best ball on the market by far. If price is an issue try picking up some second hand ones on ebay etc.

  11. TUrreta

    I was playing Velocity. Just switched to the new Trusoft. I get good distance and a great soft feel. Look for "New" on the box or sleeve.
  12. RNeale

    Price isn’t an issue just wanted something to suit my game
    Cheers Chris
  13. RNeale

    Cheers TUrreta will do
  14. MattyG

    "Price isn’t an issue just wanted something to suit my game"
    Ditto, but unfortunately I tend to "donate" a few each round
    We all just want the right tools and tick all the boxes
    I don't want to blame the clubs so they are custom fit AP1s, the ball, well Pro V1 for me
    Now my handicap is myself. Can't blame Titleist! :-)
  15. RNeale

    Ha ha I donate too especially to water ! You are quite correct all the tools do as they should the player is the unknown equation !
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