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Pro V1x - cut?!

Phil S

Hi, I'm a titleist player through & through, played prov's forever, but on Wednesday at worksop golf club in their am:am open, I played out of a bunker on the 7th then marked my ball & found that my ball had cut really badly. Unbelievable & I've never had this happen ever! I was not happy.

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  1. JReeter

    Other people have stated they have had their new 2017 model pro v’s get cut like your photo, but not has bad. I’m sure you can find the older posts talking about it.
  2. Sam K

    Don't sweat the small stuff...
  3. David A

    This has happened to me a bunch of times. Same situation as you. Usually happens more frequently when using new Vokeys with fresh grooves.
  4. Dale V

    Sand first, my friend! :) Seriously, i have seen slight cuts on just about every brand where a leading edge made direct contact. While this isn't as big a problem as the old balata ball days, all the multiple layer balls have a soft enough cover to cut if hit with a club that has a pretty sharp leading edge.
  5. Rob_Roth1

    Sometimes it happens but it prob happened before you hit the ball into the bunker.
  6. Tyler H

    Looks like it might be the result of a bladed sand shot.
  7. Robert C

    Did it hit something prior to going into the bunker?
  8. Chris m

    I believe you were initiated to change your ball and continue playing, it happens.

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