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Titleist BP3 Tour: a TT perspective

Joshua B

I was one of the luckies who was able to make the Titleist ball tour...actually the 2nd ever public tour @11 am. It was amazing, about 2 hours long but felt like 10 mins. You cannot take pics in there, so sorry for the few limited ones below. You get buzzed in and sign in, super friendly men women at the door wanting to thank you and talk golf. Then you meet fellow TT members (6 per group). I met a guy from Michigan who was super nice, a Rhode Island man, an amateur....ect. Great to see them. We watched a video with pros in it (very funny), then went throughout the plant from core material, to casing, to casting, painting, quality control, ect. All stops had friendly employees waiving and showing us the ropes...all proud of where they work and how long they have been there. Tons of hands on material as well throughout. Even a wall of autographs from tour pros thanking Titleist for aiding to their games. Finally we went back to a small shop that has TT shirts, hand forged ball markers, and dozen Pro V and X in any number (Red Sox and Yankee too). I attached pics of my haul...but they also give as a gift a ball from the plant and sticker. A true treat to attend, makes me proud to be a part and play the number 1 ball in golf. Making everything in house, in US, makes the difference, and the history of consistency shows.

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  1. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Hi Josh - Thank you so much for joining us at Ball Plant 3! It sounds like you had a fantastic visit and we can't thank you enough for being part of Team Titleist.

    All the best,
    Team Titleist Staff
  2. Speedy

    Nice!!! Great to hear you had a great time. It's definitely an amazing experience.. And nice swags! Love the ball markers...
  3. Sam K

    Thank you so much for the description! Congratulations to you!
  4. vurich

    Thanks, Josh!
  5. RMischker

    Awesome. I want a TT shirt so bad.
  6. ScottyC50

    I am going to try to go in late spring! Now I really can't wait!
  7. Michael JC

    Thanks Josh! I am scheduled for early December visit and to say I am really looking forward to it would be quite the understatement! I have about a 5 hour road trip to get there. Awesome!
  8. nate l

    that's awesome! hope to get to visit there myself some day!!
  9. Mark P

    I attended the 9 am tour on 11/27 and agree with everything Joshua says. The only thing I would add was how amazed I was to see the attention to detail every worker was giving to every part of the process. Clearly explains the quality and consistency of the product we all play. You come away with a feeling that these balls are crafted with value of pride by the people making them.
  10. Dale V

    Man, I wish this was available a few years back when I had a business/pleasure trip to the Northeast. I had to settle for the Ben and Jerry's tour.
  11. Chris Hatem

    Can't wait to go on my tour! Thank you for sharing
  12. george t

    Took the tour today, and it was everything that Josh described. The attention to detail and countless quality checks demonstrate why Titleist is the number one ball in golf.
    I wasn’t aware that all ProV and V1x production came out of Ball Plant III. Whether that sleeve of balls ended up in my bag or Jordan Spieth’s, they both came out of New Bedford.
  13. Brendan O

    Went on the 9 am tour today, it was a great time! Made the trip from NH, about an hour and 45 mins each way. Everyone at Titleist was very friendly. They take great care of their employees. My wife was along with me. She does not play golf, but really enjoyed seeing the process of how the #1 ball in golf is made. I would recommend this trip for any Titleist loyalists!
  14. Brian N

    Was lucky to go on Friday and would absolutely recommend this for any Team Titleist member! The attention to detail and dedication of the staff are remarkable. So glad that Titleist has allowed us an opportunity to get a glimpse into the production of the #1 ball in golf!
  15. Dwayne N

    Nice story am a little envious
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