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Cold Weather Pro V1/V1x Distance


Hello so I went out to play yesterday and playing in 30-35 degree is important here. I'm not sure how this affects the golf ball but my ball was being struck perfect and I normally hit a 5 iron 195-200 yards now all of the sudden I hit a 5 iron and can't carry it 175-180. Then I had a 8 iron from 140 I normally hit my 8 iron 160 and it came up to exactly 140. Do golf balls not fly nearly as far in the cold. I hit about 275-280 driver but was surprised when I had only hit 250 yard drives.... thanks!

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  1. Speedy

    Speedy tip of the day.. The handsome MIke D. wrote up a story on this last year, good read.. enjoy...
  2. Laurence G

    Being from Ireland I’m well used to playing in the cold, we get 3 months where all of a sudden the golf ball goes a lot further with the summer heat, so to answer ur question, absolutely does the ball not go near as far in the cold, I guage it as a full club extra in the cold towards the warmer weather , hope that helps
  3. DAWG

    Thanks for the tip. Our weather goes back and forth all winter. I didn't have a problem with distance today as it was in the low 70's at tee off.
  4. Rick D

    When playing in the cold I'll place a couple hand warmers in a stocking hat that is kept in the bag. Rotate a new ball on each tee from the 3 I've got staying warm in the hat, so I'm always playing a ball that's warmer than if left in a cold pocket. You're still fighting the flight through cold air, but it's better than playing a frozen ball.
  5. Dale V

    Thanks for the link Speedy. Yes, Nolan, I moved to San Diego just to keep my balls warm.
  6. Tim Tiger

    Congrats for being able to play in freezing temperatures and hit the ball perfectly and without restriction of layers.
    I for one play for shorter distances in such weather.

    Good luck

  7. Hotsauce

    I have the opposite problem. In the winter months I tend to absolutely flush my Irons. My normal 4 iron goes 196-201 yards, but I've been crushing it 250+ once the temp drops below 32*. I don't think it's the ball, or the fact that I'm wearing a lot of layers to help speed up my swing. The ball has a tough time holding greens and seems to bounce higher too. I also can't get a tee in the ground even though I've been working out like crazy. It's driving me nuts.
  8. Nick D

    Absolutely does affect distance, and it isn't just limited to Titleist balls. Just have to take it into account before pulling your next club. Just another variable... like this game isn't hard enough!
  9. Sam K

    Hand warmers in the ball bag!
  10. Barry B

    So I teed off this morning with the temp at 36* and no wind. Yes it was chilly, but it's December. Playing Pro V1x's and still had decent carry on driver tee shots & iron shots on par 3s. Roll out on driver shots was really good, but we are currently in a bit of a drought and the ground is hard. So for me, yes I notice some loss of distance, but it's winter and I'm still out playing beats sitting in the house and watching Golf Channel tourney reruns!

    For me, when the temperature drops below 50 is when I see a loss in distance. Usually about a half to a full club shorter.
  12. Tom P

    Yes, the golf ball is affected by temperature. It is also affected by humidity, wind, and altitude. But to stick to the matter at hand, carry distance of a golf ball will decrease as the temperatures decrease. In my experience, the decrease begins to be noticeable when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Some folks use a different ball during winter months. However, the simplest way is to continue using the same ball year round in all conditions and make adjustments in club selection.
  13. Kathy J

    Thank all foor they way to hit the Prov1x further in the winter months.
  14. Lance P

    No matter how good your clothing is, it must be tough to play in 30 degree temps. Being born and raised in Northern New York, I know people do and I am impressed. Seeing the ball suffer a bit distance-wise is just a by-product of cold weather and adjustments must be made. Stay warm and enjoy the challenges (as if golf isn't hard enough!).
  15. Matt R

    In cold weather a golf ball loses 2 yards of carry for every 10 degrees drop in temperature. Losing distance in the cold is normal, everyone experiences this.

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