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Quick Poll: What do you like most about the AVX golf ball?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

If you've had the chance to play the AVX golf ball during the test market, we want to hear from you and we want to know what you liked the most about the golf ball. Cast your vote in our quick poll below and add a reply to share even more of your feedback around the performance you've seen when teeing up an AVX.

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  1. Dwayne N

    color options
  2. Guy O

    I only had the opportunity to play a few holes with it before the weather got bad here in PA. I voted for the soft feel because I spent quite a bit of time on the putting green with one. Compared to the V it was much softer feel off of my Scotty 6M. The few full shots I hit with it it “seemed” to be longer off the driver. I got my hands on a full dozen and am chomping at the bit to give them the full test when the weather breaks here in PA.
  3. Dale V

    Hole-in-one on December 3, 2017, only my second round to play them one week after I picked up a dozen. Hard to knock those results.
  4. tross

    I live in Florida, near Boca Raton. I have not tried them yet. I spent $2000 recently on Titleist products. No money left in golf budget. Send me some like M. Crossfield, I already do enough free promotion with staff bag & visors. lol.
  5. Chuck Z

    Played a few rounds with the ball. Great overall control and distance.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    I tried them in Florida and noticed they were longer with my irons. But still I don't like them as much as my pro v1. Nothing is more consistent than the pro v1 golf ball
  7. Marms

    Congrats on the hole in one!!!

    You know the folks at Titleist will do something special for you. (I think)
  8. tony k

    I'm thinking with the limited amount of play with this ball that it maybe a little longer with all my clubs. Confusing the situation is that I've played the ProV1 after years of not really liking it and the new version, including durability, is a vast improvement over previous years. I think the ProV1 and AVX for my skill level are pretty darn close.
  9. joe t

    More Testing needed, I don't think I can give up on my ProV1.
    I picked up some in Florida in December, but now they are available in Michigan.
    I was intrigued and confused, with the inception of the Tour Soft, what is the AVX?
  10. ScottyC50

    I played 1 round with them here in Ohio, subpar conditions a few weeks ago - 50 degrees, wet, and windy. I did vote that they did seem to be longer off of the irons, and they were definitely softer than my usual ProV1, even in the "cooler" temps that I was trying to play in. The true playing test will happen April 1st when I fly to Phoenix and play them at the proper temperatures for them AND me! Lol!
  11. FRED L

    Played while in Fla. Loved the soft feel and added distance on irons. Waiting for Long Island to warm up to play here....
  12. Brian D

    I felt that I was able to move the ball either way a bit easier than ProV.

    I also noticed a difference while putting. I thought it felt a bit softer coming off the face
  13. Speedy

    I played a few of them during my trip to Streamsong and have to admit it felt like I was playing with a ProV1 before I lost it. Didn't really pay attention to the ball flight or spins around the greens, just know it felt like a ProV1 all around. I have 2 more sleeves and can't wait to try them again once the snow clears out in New England...
  14. Duane J

    It would be great if the AVX was available to all of us. After all the dollars I spend on Titleist, I feel left out!
    Am I the only one who feels this way?
  15. Speedy

    Duane J

    It would be great if the AVX was available to all of us. After all the dollars I spend on Titleist, I feel left out!
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    Duane, not sure where you live but the AVX is available for purchase at my local golf store in NH.
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